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The management consultant Campbell Johnson develops marketing concepts and marketing strategies for small businesses, professionals, service providers and start-ups in many different industries.
The company will benefit from the extensive experience of the consultant in the fields of trade, crafts, services, food and health care and can use numerous success strategies that he has developed over the many years of consulting, in different industries.

Marketing Strategy for small business within the strategic marketing plan is key in this competitive business environment. The consultant develops individual marketing strategies and the consultant also provides a wide-ranging support in the implementation of individual marketing measures. In addition to traditional marketing strategy, businesses must include online marketing strategy as well.
Online marketing and digital marketing have become a driving force in business expansion and revenue generation. A search engine optimization company can provide the online marketing and lead generation methods needed for growth. Search engine optimization or seo, is the new opportunity for small business to grow quickly. J Clayton consulting provides seo and digital marketing services that help business expand their brand and message online. Using seo services to rank your website’s pages can lead to increases in revenue and client acquisition faster and cheaper than ever before. With the correct keyword phrase targeting, om-page, off-page and authority branding, your business will lead the industry. Campbell Johnson and work together to boost your profits.

marekting consultant

From the right marketing strategy and a corresponding positioning of the company, you have the following advantages:

They operate in a niche market and have few or even no competitors.
You know your audience
You are the expert in your field.
Your products and services have a high customer benefit.
The customer will automatically come to you.
Your products and services can cost a little more.
You achieve higher sales and profits.

Marketing strategy

Steps performed during a consultation:

Marketing and analysis

A comprehensive research and analysis of the current situation is the basis for developing a successful marketing strategy. The company, the products / services and also the competitors are analyzed. Here, often are options, which can be used for successful positioning.

Company analysis (location, offer, products, services)
Analysis of competitors
Industry analysis and market research


Without specific objectives no planning is possible. Based on the results of market research and analysis we target a position for the marketing strategy. From the parent marketing target there can now be sub-targets for individual areas derived.

Development of marketing strategy

Based on the respective targets being jointly developed we create marketing strategies to position the company successfully in the market. This is what a number of different options can look like.

marketing consultant

Find a niche market
precise definition of the target group and the partial target groups
Positioning on the customer benefits
Developing a unique selling proposition
Market penetration for greater success of the products and services offered
Opening up new markets and new target groups for the products and services
Development of new products and services

Marketing mix and marketing tools

In the marketing mix, the marketing strategies are developed into concrete marketing measures and actions. This is to distinguish between the four “P” elements (product, price, place and promotion). These are also known as marketing instruments.

Product and service policy (What products, services and offers)
Pricing – (How much are the individual products and services)
Distribution policy (through which channels, the sales / distribution is done)
Communication policy (image of the company, communication channels)

Planning of advertising

After developing an appropriate marketing strategy, advertising is planned in detail. Here, all advertising and promotional material are determined. The available advertising budget is taken into account, of course.

How / What we do by advertising? (Flyers, advertisements, Internet, etc.)
Where we advertise? (Nationwide, regional, local)
When we advertise? (Start of advertising, period)

Implementation of marketing and promotional activities

The individual advertising materials can be designed and produced. For the various tasks you can rely on a network of service providers in the field of marketing, advertising and design (web designers, graphic designers, photographers and writers) and always have a personal contact.

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