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Texting Interventions That Increase Student Success

What if you could expand the reach of your advising staff by 300 percent? Or ensure 50 more students enrolled in college this summer? Since the summer of 2012, uAspire, in partnership with Signal Vine, has implemented text-based outreach services to students to support their transition from high school to college and throughout their first year of college. 

Research led by Dr. Ben Castleman and Dr. Lindsay Page has found the following results from using the Signal Vine enterprise text messaging platform.

  • Texting can mitigate summer melt: Students who received texts during the summer after high school graduation were statistically significantly more likely to matriculate in college than those who did not.
  • Information provided via text enables students to take necessary action: 86 percent of students reported that the texts prompted them to complete a task they hadn’t yet done, and 85 percent reported that the texts informed them about something they hadn’t realized they needed to do.
  • Students are receptive to ongoing text message support: Fewer than 3 percent of students opted out of receiving regular text messages at any point during the summer long intervention.

Signal Vine waives the one-time setup fees for NCAN members that sign a one-year contract (a $4,500 to $6,000 savings). To learn more or see a demonstration of the platform, please contact Signal Vine at hello@signalvine.com.

“Partnering with Signal Vine has expanded and transformed the way we provide high-quality support to our students.  Their texting platform allows us to meet students where they are at – on their phones – with ongoing, personalized communication.  These are not just text-based updates sent without any tracking or response – students can reply to each message and receive additional guidance or support via text from a staff member, and that entire interaction is tracked by Signal Vine so I can add the data to each student’s uAspire file. Their platform is easy and efficient to use, enabling me to stretch limited staff resources to serve thousands more students in a personal and high-quality way, especially those in postsecondary programs located all over the country.”

Erin Cox Bell, President

Signal Vine, LLC is a technology company with the mission to extend the reach and impact of organizations with text messaging. The company has developed an enterprise text messaging platform for education organizations to enable real-time, two-way text communications which are enhanced by a data-driven, intelligent messaging engine to motivate action at the right time. Signal Vine believes counselors, advisors, and mentors are the critical drivers of positive outcomes for students, so they designed the platform to expand staff reach, allow for more personalized and real-time digital communication with students than email offers, and enable them to more quickly identify those who need their help the most. The design of Signal Vine's technology is guided by the findings of researchers, the use cases of education organizations, and the behavioral needs of students.