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4 Ways to Tell Congress You’re Thankful4Pell

Wednesday, November 14, 2018  
Posted by: Kelly Mae Ross, Communications Manager
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In 2017-18, Pell Grants helped more than 7 million low-income students pursue higher education. But we can’t take congressional support for this crucial aid program for granted.

This Thanksgiving season, NCAN members, students, and others will join together to share their gratitude for the Pell Grant program as part of NCAN’s fifth annual Thankful4Pell campaign.

How you can help protect the Pell Grant program:

  1. Email or tweet your elected officials in Washington. Visit our action center to quickly and easily share your appreciation for the Pell Grant with your members of Congress. By expressing our thanks for Pell, we’ll send the message that need-based student aid should be a federal priority.

  2. Share why you're #Thankful4Pell on social media. See the social media toolkit below for sample posts and graphics you can share!

  3. Participate in a #Thankful4Pell Twitter chat. Join us on Thursday, Nov. 15 at 2 p.m. EST for a conversation about the importance of Pell Grants.

  4. Use a social media filter. We’ve made it easy to add the Thankful4Pell logo to your Twitter profile picture. You can also search for the “Thankful4Pell” photo frame on Facebook.

It’s a fight each year to secure small increases in funding for the Pell Grant program. We cannot take lawmaker support for granted, so it’s key to express our thanks and demonstrate the vital role the program plays in our students’ lives.

The Thankful4Pell campaign will run from Nov. 14-16 – will you join us? The more people who participate, the louder our voice will be!

Social media toolkit

Here are some sample social media posts:

  • In 2017-18, Pell Grants provided more than 7 million undergraduates with critical aid for higher education. Tell Congress why you’re #Thankful4Pell:
  • Pell Grants provide crucial support for low-income students. Click here to (quickly and easily) tell Congress why you’re #Thankful4Pell:
  • Has receiving a Pell Grant changed your educational or personal trajectory? This Thanksgiving season, share why you're #Thankful4Pell.
  • Have you received a Pell Grant? This week we're sharing why we're thankful for the program. Join the conversation using #Thankful4Pell.
  • Over the years, Pell Grants have helped tens of millions of low-income Americans get a college education. This is why I'm #Thankful4Pell! 

You can also share these graphics about Pell Grants on social media.

Click the link below each graphic to download it with or without the NCAN logo. When you click the download link, the image will open in a new browser window. From there, simply right click the image and save it.

Download with the NCAN logo.

Download without the NCAN logo.

Download with the NCAN logo.

Download without the NCAN logo.

Download with the NCAN logo.

Download without the NCAN logo.

Download the 2018 Thankful4Pell logo.

Download with the NCAN logo.