Board Bio - Paul Luna

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Paul Luna, Board Member

President and CEO, Helios Education Foundation

Paul J. Luna is President and Chief Executive Officer of Helios Education Foundation, an NCAN member based in Phoenix, AZ. Helios is the largest nonprofit organization serving Arizona and Florida focused solely on education and it is committed to creating a high-expectations, college-going culture in both states by investing in initiatives that prepare students for college and career success.

Created in 2004 through the sale and conversion of Southwest Student Services Corporation and with an initial endowment of $525 million, Helios made its first investments in education in 2006. Since that time, the Foundation has invested over $133 million in programs and initiatives across its impact areas of Early Childhood Education, the Transition Years and Postsecondary Success that are changing lives through education.

Mr. Luna is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the Foundation, cultivating strong community relationships, and initiating strategic partnerships in Arizona and Florida. Prior to his role at the Foundation, Mr. Luna served as President of Valley of the Sun United Way where he led a community-wide fundraising effort approaching $50 million.

A graduate of Stanford University, Paul holds a degree in civil engineering. He serves as a member of Greater Phoenix Leadership, Center for the Future of Arizona board of directors, Arizona Community Foundation board of directors, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, and is the Founding Chair of the Expect More Arizona board of directors.