Elearning Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Once I place the order for my Elearning course(s), how do I access the course(s)?

A. Upon completing the order for course, NCAN will send you an email confirmation within minutes.  The email confirmation will contain a link to log-in and begin to take the course(s) you ordered.


Q. If I am having technical issues while taking a course, what forms of assistance are available to me?

A. Click on the Help button on the main landing page inside the Elearning system.  You will see a variety of ways to reach out to Freestone for technical assistance.


Q. If I complete a course and decide to take additional ones, how do I register for those courses?

A. You must return to the NCAN Storefront Page and select the additional course(s) you would like to order.


Q. What if I have questions about the content or the quiz in a particular course?

A. Send an email to elearning@ncan.org and we will respond to your question(s).


Q. How do I find the courses I ordered?

A. Go to your NCAN Course Dashboard and click on my courses.


Q. How do I get my certificate of completion?

A. Make sure you clicked the “Submit for Credit” button after you successfully completed the quiz.  Then go to your NCAN Course Dashboard and click on My Certificates and Badges. Scroll down to submitted credit and click on the blue View NCAN Certificate button and you can then download and/or print your certificate.

Q. What if the course I ordered is not showing on my NCAN Course Dashboard?

A. Logout of the NCAN Course Dashboard and log back in to reset your course list.

Q. When I clicked on a resource link, it didn’t open; what happened?

A. Some resource links are links to PDF documents.  Many browsers are set to automatically download PDF documents so check your downloaded files.