FAFSA Resource Library: Training & Capacity Building
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Who Needs to Be Trained and in What?

One of the roles partners can play is providing hands-on support to students and families as they complete the FAFSA form. Some partners probably have staff with the know-how to not only help students but to help train other volunteers who might not be so familiar with the FAFSA. These partners may include:

  • Staff from the financial aid offices of a postsecondary institution.
  • Staff from a college access organization.
  • Some counselors from K-12 with the appropriate training.

If volunteers from other sectors will be helping students complete the FAFSA, they will need to be trained in the basics. It might be best to refer students with unique situations to the FAFSA completion "experts."

Tools for Training: There are a number of places to get training materials, but the first place to look is the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Federal Student Aid. Other places to look for resources are the Form Your Future and NCAN websites.

Timing of Training: Ideally, anyone who will be assisting students in FAFSA completion will be trained prior to the Oct. 1 opening of the FAFSA.

Blogs, Webinars, and E-learning Courses:

Other Resources: