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Access College Foundation Wins 2018 Khanfidence Builder Award

Tuesday, September 25, 2018  
Posted by: Kelly Mae Ross, Communications Manager
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The Access College Foundation received the Khanfidence Builder Award today at NCAN’s 2018 national conference in Pittsburgh.

The Khanfidence Builder Award, generously supported by The College Board, recognizes a college access/success organization for incorporating Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy into their program to build students’ readiness for the SAT and college. The College Board believes that by placing high-quality, free resources directly into the hands of those who work with students we can help all students realize their potential. This award recognizes an organization that effectively engaged students in productive practice using Official SAT Practice tools and tracked their progress via a potentially scalable program. College Board's Executive Director, Access to Opportunity (A2O) Community Partnerships Farhad Asghar presented the award to Access College Foundation’s Vice-President for Programs Cheryl Jones at the conference.

The Access College Foundation, an NCAN member based in Norfolk, VA, offers a range of college access and success services to students, starting as early as seventh grade. These services are available free of charge to all public high school students and parents in South Hampton Roads.

Among the advisory services the organization offers are an early college awareness program, tours of colleges and universities in Virginia, and a career counseling program for college juniors and seniors. The foundation also offers financial support to students through its last-dollar scholarship program, which helps college-bound students bridge the gap between the total amount of aid for which they qualify and the final cost of attending college. Through this scholarship program, the Access College Foundation has awarded more than $9 million in grants to students.

All told, the foundation has helped more than 60,000 students and their families since it was founded in 1988. The foundation was also one of the nine founding members of NCAN in 1995. At that time, the organization was called the Tidewater Scholarship Foundation.

The Access College Foundation served more than 650 students in its pilot project with the College Board to encourage students to utilize Official SAT Practice tools. The organization offered incentives, such as gift cards, to encourage its students to complete a certain amount of SAT prep work. The organization is also incorporating Official SAT Practice into its program goals for all of its juniors.

As the award-winner, the foundation will receive $5,000 for general operating support, scholarships, and/or technology needs. Past Khanfidence Builder Award winners include:

  • 2017: College Spring, Oakland, CA
  • 2016: College Crusade of Rhode Island, Providence, RI