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6 Ways NCAN’s New Strategic Plan Benefits Members

Monday, November 4, 2019  
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By Zenia Henderson, Director of Member & Partner Engagement

Strategic plans can be filled with some pretty inspiring words like “deepen,” “influence,” “broaden,” and “impact” – all words NCAN embraces in our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. Since we know the college access and success space is already filled with a lot of jargon and hard-to-digest information for students, we value putting our new strategic plan into practical terms to help you understand what it will actually mean for NCAN members and audiences beyond the NCAN membership (aka potential members and national partners).

So this is us doing two very practical things.

First, we’re providing this easy-to-read guide to the key member benefits that will come from NCAN’s new strategic plan.

As a reminder, the three goals contained within the plan are 1) deepen the impact of NCAN’s network, 2) influence federal and state policy, and 3) impact change at the systems level. (You can’t say I didn’t I warn you about the inspirational language). The list below will help you understand what NCAN will do to accomplish these goals and, as a result, what NCAN members and broader audiences will be able to do.

Second, we’re hosting an informational webinar about our new strategic plan on Nov. 6 at 3 p.m. ET. During this session, NCAN will provide a comprehensive look at the plan and share details about what members and partners can expect from NCAN over the next three years. This webinar is also open to non-member audiences.

Read on to understand what NCAN’s new strategic direction means for NCAN members:

  1. NCAN will develop a Member Capacity Framework outlining the evidence-based practices of high-capacity member organizations. This framework will allow you to assess your internal capacity and consider important questions like: What kind of capacity does my organization have to measure our impact on college completion through the collection and dissemination of National Student Clearinghouse data?
  2. NCAN will align and organize existing tools/resources (webinars, e-learning courses, toolkits, convenings, etc.) and prioritize and deliver new content based on this framework. This will help you to easily identify and decide what kinds of supports and professional development you should focus on to strengthen your organization’s internal capacity and external services.
  3. NCAN will elevate and strengthen local partnerships between community-based organizations, districts, and higher education institutions. You can use these models, lessons, and recommended practices as a guide to create and strengthen effective partnerships in your community.
  4. NCAN will strengthen our federal policy agenda, and refine and prioritize issues for our state policy agenda. You will be able to meet with your elected officials in Washington and at their home offices, plus participate in action campaigns and provide feedback on new ideas.
  5. NCAN will mobilize, train and support NCAN members and students to advocate on priority issues at the state and federal levels. You will learn how to integrate advocacy into your organization’s work, bring students to Washington, share student stories for NCAN to amplify, and in future years, be able to nominate students to participate in NCAN’s Student Advocacy Fellows program.
  6. NCAN will cultivate partnerships with a range of national associations that lead the K-12 and higher education systems and develop multisector collaborations to elevate evidence-based college attainment strategies. You may find opportunities to share the practices and partnerships you have in place with these systems and among sectors as exemplary models through blog posts, national conference sessions, or webinars.

For more information about NCAN’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, check out this overview from Executive Director Kim Cook.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Nov. 6 informational webinar with NCAN staff. We will also post a recording of this presentation in our (members-only) webinar archives.