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Achieve Atlanta and Atlanta Public Schools Launch Match & Fit List Builder

Monday, February 24, 2020  
Posted by: Kelly Mae Ross, Communications Manager
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By Janai Raphael, Graduate Assistant for Research and Data Analysis

Earlier this month, Achieve Atlanta and Atlanta Public Schools (APS), both NCAN members, announced the launch of the Match & Fit List Builder. The Match & Fit List Builder is an online college advising tool designed to help students find institutions that match their academic profiles and fit their personal, social, and financial needs and interests, which will ultimately increase their chances of earning a college degree.

The Match & Fit List Builder is currently accessible to all 11th grade Atlanta Public Schools students and creates a fully customized list of college and university options for each student. Next school year it will be made available to all APS students.

The List Builder academically matches students to institutions using student GPA and test scores pulled directly APS’ records and allows students to input their preferences by using “fit filters,” including degree type, school size, location, and more, to refine their results. In the end, students are provided with a “balanced” list of at least two Likely, Target, and Reach institutions ranked by graduation rates. The tool also provides basic information about each institution, including estimated out-of-pocket costs and enrollment information about other APS alumni who have attended that institution.

Dan Sims, associate superintendent of high schools at Atlanta Public Schools, describes the Match & Fit List Builder as a “game-changer because it’s going to help so many students get it right the first time.”

Through the launch of this tool, Achieve Atlanta and Atlanta Public Schools continue to demonstrate the positive impact of collaboration across K-12 school districts and CBOs to support students. The Match & Fit List Builder will prove to be an invaluable tool to APS students for critical and customized information as they begin plan their journeys to and through college.