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College Advising Corps’ Virtual Advising Guide Is a Must-Use Resource

Tuesday, September 8, 2020  
Posted by: Bill DeBaun, Director of Data and Evaluation
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Since schools shut down in mid-March, the college access and success field has asked a number of questions, and NCAN has done our best to answer them. Perhaps the question we receive most often is around identifying the best resources for conducting college access and success advising virtually. NCAN identified a number of great resources, across a variety of topics, but perhaps the best all-in-one comes in the form of the College Advising Corps’ new Virtual Advising Guide.

Best of all it’s free and available right now.

The College Advising Corps (CAC) is one of NCAN’s largest and most nationally well-known members. Their new guide “is not only applicable to college advising, but can be used to share content with students virtually for numerous purposes including but not limited to: college access support, community-based organizations, K-12, or higher education.”

The guide’s introduction notes that “given the focus on college advising, it is geared toward reaching students in high school but could be applicable for middle school or college students. In addition, it is focused on advising large groups of students, but can be adapted if only serving a small number of students.”

The guide is such an excellent all-in-one resource because it provides advice at both the 10,000 foot and tactical levels. It covers a broad range of topics like:

  • data tracking and management.
  • technology tools and platforms (including texting and phone, virtual meetings, scheduling and organization, email and newsletters, and social media).
  • working with students and families.
  • outreach, communication, and engagement strategies.
  • college advising topics.

A team of presents from the Advising Corps recently presented to NCAN members on their guide. The webinar’s recording is up in NCAN’s webinar archives (membership required), but the slides are also available.

Whether your program is working on making the pivot from in-person to virtual advising or you’d like to compare your practices to the Advising Corps’ recommendations, the Virtual Advising Guide is a document that will be valuable to return to again and again.

Thank you to the College Advising Corps for their hard work on this document and willingness to share it with the field.

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