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How the Education Field is Responding: A Roundup of COVID-19 Resources

Monday, March 16, 2020  
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By Zenia Henderson, Director of Member & Partner Engagement, and MorraLee Keller, Director of Technical Assistance

Note: We are updating this page regularly with new resources and links.

In the wake of the growing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, students across the country are facing a great deal of uncertainty as school districts close and higher education institutions move to online instruction and shutter their dormitories. And the students NCAN members serve are some of the most vulnerable.

This page is where we'll share best practices, FAQs, policy updates, and other news and information related to supporting students during the coronavirus outbreak.

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External Articles, Lists, and Practical Recommendations

Updates from the Education Field

 FAFSA and Financial Aid
FAFSA Completion Videos

Updates From the Technology Field

Video Conferencing, Scheduling, and Collaborative Work

Webinars and Discussions

  • COVID-19 and Federal Student Aid: What We Know (March 17 webinar available on demand). NASFAA President Justin Draeger and NASFAA staff from the AskRegs and policy teams will review some of the most common questions related to Title IV and COVID-19. Devin Jopp, chief executive officer at the American College Health Association, will offer an overview of how COVID-19 is playing out across U.S. campuses.

  • Meeting Students' Basic Needs and Keeping Them Enrolled During COVID-19 (March 19 webinar available on demand). Colleges and universities across the U.S. and around the world are scrambling to keep their students, faculty, and staff healthy, safe, and educated during the COVID-19 pandemic. As experts on the daily crises that derail #RealCollege students and prevent them from completing their degrees our team at the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice will provide an overview of the support students will need to remain enrolled and how institutions can best provide those supports.

  • NCAN Member Forum: Responding to a Global Pandemic (March 19 webinar available on demand). Amidst so much uncertainty and insecurity during this global pandemic, NCAN remains available and committed to meeting members’ needs. Join us for this member community forum where there will be space to discuss and share programming responses, concerns, and action steps to consider.

  • School Counseling From a Distance: Supporting Students During COVID-19 (March 20 webinar available on demand). In this SREB Go Alliance webinar, Brian Coleman of Chicago Public Schools and ASCA School Counselor of the Year 2019, will share his insights on how to support students' academic, college/career, and social-emotional needs when schools are closed or have moved to online instruction. This webinar will include presentation time by Brian as well as time for Q &A and discussion. Please come prepared with your questions as well as your own best practices to share with your colleagues.

  • Student Loan Repayment Options During the Coronavirus Pandemic (March 20 webinar available on demand). This Student Borrower Protection Center and American Federation of Teachers webinar will focus on a range of pertinent issues facing borrowers, including: guidance for enrolling in income-driven repayment plans, getting out of default, filing tax extensions, and other critical steps student loan borrowers can take right now.

  • Communicating Through the Coronavirus: A Panel Discussion (March 20 webinar available on demand). Join Signal Vine, expert panelists, and institutional leaders to discuss how they're conducting campus-wide communications in light of COVID-19. Participants will walk away with best practices and ideas on how to ensure the right message is sent to the right people at the right time.

  • NCAN Member Forum: What You Need to Know About the CARES Act (April 2 webinar available on demand). Join the NCAN team to learn how the CARES Act will impact our students, families, and NCAN member organizations. We’ll share critical updates and what we know about the Payroll Protection Program, stimulus payments, and much more. There will be time for Q&A and resource sharing as well.

  • COVID-19 and Federal Student Aid: What We Know Follow-Up (April 2 webinar available on demand). Join NASFAA President Justin Draeger and NASFAA staff from the AskRegs and Policy teams as they review and follow-up on some of the most common questions related to Title IV and COVID-19. Time will be provided for open Q&A during this 75 minute webinar.

  • What Admissions Professionals Want You to Know: Advice for School Counselors During COVID-19 (April 3 webinar available on demand). Rick Clark, director of admissions at Georgia Tech, will share the most up-to-date information that school counselors need to know about virtual interviews and campus visits, May deposit deadlines, incomplete high school transcripts, entrance exam testing, financial aid appeals, and more.

  • Current College Students' Perspectives in the COVID-19 World (April 9 webinar available on demand). Today's college students have once again demonstrated their resiliency and flexibility as they adjust to the new plans institutions execute to keep students, faculty, and staff safe. What are they thinking about? How does this change their plans? Join Signal Vine for a webinar with college students from across the country to hear about their experiences through the changes.

  • NCAN Member Forum: What to Know About Federal Emergency Aid for College Students (April 21 webinar available on demand). NCAN staff and guest experts will share what we know about the CARES Act guidance released to higher ed about the funds for student emergency aid. We will also share updates about NCAN member resources and other time-sensitive updates as things develop in Congress.

  • COVID-19 and Students: What You need to Know about the Financial Implications (April 22 webinar available on demand). Join the Michigan College Access Network and representatives from NASFAA and UM-Flint for a discussion about the impact of COVID-19 on postsecondary students, and the flexibilities and waivers granted by the federal government to help both institutions and students through this difficult time. Presenters will discuss the availability of emergency funds, verification relief, and professional judgment.

NCAN Member Shared Resources

NCAN is requesting that members share resources they have developed to support the students they serve as a result of the current health crisis. If you are willing to share examples of items listed below, please send them directly to MorraLee Keller at so that we can make them available. NCAN is looking for:

  • Sample communications to the high school and/or college students you serve.
  • Sample communications to the public about maintaining your organization’s operations and organizational strategies for continuing student supports.
  • Sample student checklists or guiding instructions for actions to take a) during their K-12 school closure period or b) as their college or university moves to online instruction.
  • Links to national websites providing critical information for high school or current college students that relates to the college access or completion process.

Communications to High School Students
Communications to Current College Students
Nonmember Resources
Communications to External Stakeholders
Organizational Strategies for Continuing Operations
Checklists/Guiding Instructions for High School or College Students