Two- to Four-Year Transfer
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Community colleges (CC) serve about 40% of all postsecondary students, and CC students are disproportionately from backgrounds where inequities in attainment exist. Though the vast majority of enrolled CC students aspire to achieve a bachelor’s degree or higher, approximately one-third of CC students transfer to a four-year institution within six years.

State systems have implemented promising strategies to facilitate the two- to four-year transfer, and ultimately bachelor’s degree attainment, for CC students. For example, so-called Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) have had tremendous attainment and transfer results at the City University of New York (and now in Ohio).

NCAN recommends that states:

  • Create a system-wide adoption of an accelerated study for associate programs (e.g., CUNY ASAP Model).
  • Create an institutional transfer pathway program (e.g. ASU Pathways Program, Advance at NOVA/GMU).
  • Create a universal course catalogue for public institutions and require course credit transfer (e.g., Florida).

Two- to four-year transfer resources:


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